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A memorial for "The Lion King" Simba

A memorial for "The Lion King" Simba

-Dad, is this kingdom mine?

-No, Simba, it's not ours. You will have a duty to protect it.

I'm at TEG, drinking a cold Fanta, and I'm writing a few lines about "The Lion King," a children's movie that is loved by all adults and should be included in the curriculum for the future politicians that will, perhaps bring glory to Albania.

A movie is not enough, but what you experience as a child stays with you forever.

That is why most authoritarian regimes of the past and present, by all means have fought the teachers, poets, writers, journalists. They once imprisoned them, persecuted them, banned them from their homeland, ruined their lives. Because the lessons and impact that a dialogue from a book or a movie or tv show can have is stronger than any propaganda. A poem, a letter, a novel, a status today has the power to move your heart.

Thus, "The Lion King" and the story of the jealous, deceitful, traitorous, and ultimately murderous brother, the coalition with the hyenas, the desolation of the kingdom, the lions waiting for the hyenas to finish so that they can feed, and Simba's call, who for a moment chose the life of Hakuna Matata or as we say in the 'light mind' way, are real in the long way of the personal legend of every man who comes into this world.

Today's politicians are still part of the great Albanian theory of 'he who beats you, loves you more' and man is unable to fight against himself. It may struggle with the whole world, but what we learn as a child haunts us, for better or for worse.

Therefore, "The Lion King" is not just a movie with a beautiful ending, it's more, it's a primer on power, wherever you can have it, in the government of your country, in your company, in the café on the street , in the market, with your boyfriend / girlfriend, family, neighbour.

We should not only try to introduce this movie to the elementary school, but also to raise Simba and his father, Mufasa a memorial.