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Better to be happy!

Better to be happy!

While talking with Aida, one of tiranapost.al readers, I was reminded of Ernest Koliqi’s latest books. “Shija e bukës mbrume” is one of his masterpieces, an author that got prosecuted by the dictatorial regime.

If you read it now, you can’t understand if Koliqi writes for the reality back in the 30’ or 60’, or for the reality that we are living in every day. A reality where Albania is engulfed by hatred and it’s impossible for its people to unite and work toward constructing a strong state. “Harts full of venom, mouths that word curses and threats…”

A story that doesn’t show anything coincidental, because we are all witnesses of the way our dear Albania is trying to survive. Hatred is becoming a lifestyle, it is permeating into our online lives, it is present on Twitter, Facebook, state offices, newsrooms, municipalities, shops, fast-food joins….

Hatred, that is becoming stronger just like the Gordian knot, that only Alexander the Great could untie it and then conquer Asia. Hatred that even the court or reform can put an end to it.

But how will we be free of this hatred that is becoming like our second skin? A hatred that even the greatest writer, Ismail Kadare, the one that writes about any kind of melancholy, can’t find the words to describe these frightful times.

Does it really matter who will be punished? Is amnesty the right path to follow? It’s a difficult decision, even though as a woman I lean more on forgiveness and the belief that new faces and new chapters would bring an immediate change to our small country.

Can amnesty tame this country filled with poison, or the opposite would be better? These questions are answered with time and by professionals that can think clearly and without emotional compromise.

But what I really believe that always helps a country is its happiness. Happiness will conceal egoism.

If justice demands for so much fight, so many ‘casualties’, this difficult operation that is as idealist as wonderful, its better if we’re just happy./Tiranapost/