Noizy speaks after the concert: It was the most beautiful night of my career

Noizy speaks after the concert: It was the most beautiful night of my career

The well-known pop singer Noizy in an interview for Euronews Albania shared the emotions of the August 14 Alpha Show concert, which, as he said, exceeded his expectations.

He described the night as the most beautiful and perhaps the most important of his career, while emphasizing that a stage of such magnitude was a dream come true.

"I didn't know how much the record of sold tickets was before, but I found out that the number has been exceeded and I feel good that the atmosphere was at its peak. The guests are people I have collaborated with. I can say that it is the most beautiful night of my career. I had an extensive back office staff that took care of every detail. There were 200-300 people who got involved, we have been dealing with the organization since February", said the singer.

The rapper stated that after the concert they have decided to organize the following invitations to sing in Europe in large halls with a live band.
"It will be a new experience. This should actually be done much earlier," said the artist.
Noizy said that this decision will affect the 100% increase in the fee to see it live.

He said that the cost of the concert where he was the only general sponsor was over half a million euros, a figure that he had decided from the beginning, regardless of how it would go.

"It was a figure of over half a million euros, I was the general sponsor myself because there was no one to take it over. The idea is that if it doesn't come up with the right number, you better not do it. I decided from the beginning that I would invest those lek. I did not expect that along the way I will get fat from the flea market, calling that money lost no matter how it went", said the singer.
Asked if he got that money back with the concert, the singer said that he still doesn't know how much he earned while emphasizing that at the moment he intends to leave to rest after being involved with the Alpha Show.