25 Rreshtat e Mirës

# leksionetenjëvirusi

# leksionetenjëvirusi

Aren't we the ones who fill in Instagram with a meme about Monday that we hate so much? We say we want to stay home. We who love to sleep late, and from the daily stress of remembering sleepy children when it was snowing and schools closed. Now is the time to understand the elderly who spend a lot of time at home and we often say to them: oh you're comfortable all day at home. Here we are! All draw!

Apart from the faceless enemy, but it may resemble our relatives, the friend we meet, or the seat and toilet where we sit, we can use this period for good.

Like any evil that has a good to do, extravagance and staying home without many alternatives to the supermarket and drugstores has brought us all back to ourselves. In home. Some with family and some with single family, themselves.

So tiranapost has decided to invite all readers to create a collective blog from where to post events, reflections, photos, recipes, books, movies, serials, home life ideas. We can also tell what plans we have when the world is back to where you want to go. What do you think you will never do again? Will you save money? Will you buy more expensive bags? Or would you like to buy expensive things? What school do you want your children to do now? But would you as a teenager be a Ronaldo football player or a doctor? Will you continue your love story with the toxic guy? What about the jealous girl? Would you go back to family after thinking for a moment that you needed to be free? Will you immigrate to Germany? What about Australia? What are we understanding and being aware of? Bottom line: how expensive life is and not just being alive, but all the little things we don't appreciate on a normal day and that make us superheroes on planet Earth.

Share your home and the hashtag #viruses with the virus

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