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For teachers of Albania

For teachers of Albania

The teacher is always right!

Once that was the expression you heard the most and, okay, there were exaggerated screams. No one is always right, without interruption. Only God!

Now the opposite is true, "the child is always right". This is far graver and more damaging to a society than the old currency.

It is not an apology because not a single person, nor some, has this privilege, but a few years of observation of teachers who have been lost have fallen into the age of children's rights, in the age of private schools, in the face of the whims of young lunatics, of vague, stunned, not guilty, parents from a stream of information where the poor man doesn't know who to consider.

There are many reasons why teachers today no longer have the right glorification or the right profiling, training and specialization.

Capitalism, private schools and the quick enrichment of some found Albanian society unprepared to become European.

So the girls wore miniskirts, the men belted and the children found themselves with more rights than toys, homework, and dreams.

Not to be outdone by the cocktail of school-nominated parties, where literature is also provided by people who know Shakespeare as the author of 'Don Quixote'.

They have been elected by the portal for years, but the teacher is no longer the undisputed figure of society, on the contrary one of the most controversial. The children's rights I mentioned above are not to blame for this. This is a teacher-governing policy problem!

For very good students to want to be physical teachers and to encourage them not to become economists and lawyers at all, rather than building a preferential salary scheme. Make them a ministry salary today and we'll see how the demands start. On the other hand, the most pressing issue is that teachers and schools are not and never will be as static as they once were. Technology and innovation have today brought about a completely new, unknown reality, where creation rules more than learning. Texts can change every 4 years and every year.

The teachers of the future will be those who become creative, who have the data and the talent to call out the latest. It's not just texts about feminism that are missing and will reform schools, which would be great if they introduced them too. Today teachers are students for themselves. A new school is required today. Or as Migraine would have if she had lived in the 'Paris Commune' today, she would have written for the new teacher!

I know endless parents who show up to change their children every year. I know intellectuals or wealthy people who do not know what is happening to their child's educational background. That pay a lot and finally five with nothing. The most beautiful part of the year are super birthdays. Piano courses, ballet, swimming ... all show an Albanian desire and dedication to make children as educated and cultured as possible. But this is not unfortunately the real picture, the real teaching radioscope in Albania. The school will revolutionize, the school will place Albania's fate in an innovative market. We are too late. At least put Yuval Harari in schools. Or read it first!

The world has been run by teachers, such as Alexander the Great without teacher Aristotle, Julius Caesar without Mark Antony or Gaius Marius or Napoelon Bonaparte without Adrian Greenberg. No one has won alone without one's teachings.

Only now that teachers and students are closer than ever and school as an institution needs a revolution, because technology teaches us that in tomorrow's world we will die pupils, but I hope as learned pupils!