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Professor Young Luljeta is a man

Professor Young Luljeta is a man

In our portal, news on coronavirus is all read with thirst. But these days, except the clicks I don't enjoy as usual, on the contrary, it hurts. They are clicks that you see in a normal time as site-enhancing weapons, potentially influencers, and therefore more ads. But now only increase responsibility, as well as boredom. You realize that your loyal or spontaneous reader is shy, insecure, and looking for a secure branch, reading something that works.

You, on the other hand, have to tell the truth, find the measure and not shatter and brainwash with messages, even though we have not yet completely escaped our former self, ex-self, ex- media, because I have some reason to believe that some media models and models after this war will be turned into ex!

The earthquake and now Covid are teaching us how to build a house, where to buy it, what to look for and what to wear (until recently, even journalists were confused), how long it takes for a virus to explode, how often to wash our hands, intubation, masks and how long it takes for a vaccine to be discovered, the epidemic and the pandemic criteria, but, but, but most of all we are discovering as a society that every field has its own professionals and people when life is serious will hear only them!

Doctor Pigeon Pipero is by far the most read name today. Perhaps besides being a direct epidemiologist, he has a straightforward character, does not carefully wrap phrases, like the task-force doctors we admit, are also under media pressure and scrupulous about every word they utter. Although every time I see Silvia Binon or Mira Rakacolli I write without question about the respect and reputation I have with two professional doctors. We are fortunate to have them, and many others, doctors and nurses who have no political merit but their own.

But Pipero appears more often and more careless and unwilling to pack messages politically or aesthetically. He says black to white and white and leaves politely with the interviews he gives.

So, in the # lecturesenvirus this time we found out that Doctor Pipero is the HIT character at Tiranapost.al! After earthquake professor Luljeta Bozos, who mad Albania in a gray suit, the gray hair in the middle parted with gold, words without much ink, without much sugar and without much poison, but calm and knowledgeable, in corona times, there is a man, young Luljeta!

He stays cold when he speaks, responds briefly, straightforwardly, and often looks pessimistic, though he is only a realistic Dr. Pigeon Piper, unless the coronavirus didn't know if he would have had the chance to invite so many, transcribe it as to be a star. Ex-we wouldn't even depend on him, unless he had a nephew Bradley Cooper!

What can I say except the black on white that Doctor Pipero has left behind in Hollywood, the horoscope, Ed, Erion, Ogerta, becoming the favorite name of these days for readers.

# leksionetenjëvirusi

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