25 Rreshtat e Mirës

Now that you read a lot of news and become shady, there is only room for one thing!

Now that you read a lot of news and become shady, there is only room for one

It does not stop the COVID-19 government. Government, doctors, nurses are the same people vulnerable to COVID-19. Of course some precautions are needed, though the less alarm the better. But since they were all canceled now we should not lose sight of them.

Experience with Italy should teach us that this situation is well-reasoned and that panic does not cure or protect us from the deadly virus in some rare cases, mostly in old age.

Flights, activities, gatherings are canceled. Schools and kindergartens have been suspended for two weeks. Very good!

Let's take a moment to pause and remember that this flag requires simply washing your hands and having no physical contact. It's not in the air for good luck. It's in the other's hand and in your hand. To the other's grief and your distance (1 meter).

Wash hands often (over 20 sec) and avoid physical contact especially with persons we do not know where they were, whom they met.

Last but not least: take care of parents and grandparents. For young children, even though they appear immune, panic can harm them more psychologically.
History has shown that reasoning never goes wrong and that preserving logical coolness will save us.
Read the portals you trust. Select the information well and pray that it all succeeds. It will pass if we use our minds!

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