25 Rreshtat e Mirës

# unërrinëshpi

# unërrinëshpi

Today I learned that we had the coronavirus near the offices of Tiranapost. It is a beautiful, modern diner where I see young people all over, drinking cappuccino, Red Bull, getting some croissants and talking and laughing with loud music in the background. How sorry, I said. But I was not scared, because we drink coffee in the office and I was not sitting there a year ago. Because of the loud music I never came back.

And yet, today I decided to work from home, at least until we had a somewhat more normalizing signal.

My parents are pensioners. My 67-year-old father, by chance, has experience with infectious diseases (a former health inspector), but that fact didn't bother me. It's a loving nature, and today I remembered giving up my hand with a kind of spectacle ... typical of the north. They hold it long and accompany it with some shaking hands when giving it to the other.

-Alo, Dad. Don't give anyone a hand. Remember, you have diabetes. Remember, both the heart and the tension. Ba, do not give up with your love, that now is the time to be selfish.

- I didn't give it to anyone. I was a public health aide / doctor, I don't make those mistakes, ?he proudly replied.

So I ended up with Dad.

I went to the supermarket and did some shopping. I am not ashamed of myself if I take care of myself and my family to have something at home. You never know, in case of an emergency.

If this is called panic, let it be called. I will stay home and invite you all, regular and faithful readers of Tiranapost, to join in and post the hashtag #union.

Not fear, nor panic, but respect for life!

Until the world has found the vaccine, when the Covid-19 virus begins to disappear some of the rising temperatures (there are some theses protecting it) and especially the care of people who will abide by any discipline (China is giving evidence before rigorous care has led to a marked reduction in infections, but the situation still remains abnormal there).

With non-German discipline, because for the first time this country showed, in the case of the Zionist patient from Munich, that the culture of hiding the problems also indirectly led to the disaster in Italy, and the time is no longer right for equilibrium and thesis governments. semi-false though with good intentions. There will be a second time when after each disaster balance sheets and studies will be made. We'll get to know the heroes and mistakes, but until then ...?

We can stay in the house #home

The New York Times today carried out a serious analysis of the coronavirus and lightheadedness of Donald Trump and his cabinet, which is handling Covid-19 in the US.

The economy will see bad days and there is no doubt. Panic can lead to social conflicts and this will require the presence of the state but also the consciousness of the society. The WHO has not yet declared the pandemic, but it is a fact. The economy remains a major pressure on governments and politicians, let alone remember the curses against the good Italian prime minister that time is justifying the "exaggeration in alarm".

Worried about the consequences on the economy, are we risking lives? Is it worth it? Today we cannot talk about travel agencies, nor about group holidays and nightclubs. These should be closed. But even if not, the head loader body says Ismail Kadare.

And something to keep in mind: how can the cynical argument 'the old people are dying' be accepted today? Why should seniors not live? Aren't they grandparents and people who have worked their whole lives to enjoy the sunset and the morning coffee?

It is inconceivable what would happen if hospitals were to be filled, no matter how developed the health would be if hundreds were made, where would we put them?

This is a virus that the hospital has in your hand, fixed in everyone's hand. It is unwise to ask doctors, ministers, prime ministers. They are doing what they can and can do. Can they even go wrong ?! Can they even lie? Can they even tell the truth? In the end they are people who can get the virus too.

Today's life is worth it, and looking at the picture of apocalyptic Italy is no longer worth the fake governmental (for good) or media (yes, for good) efforts that the coronavirus is like any flu, which in some cases comes to life. Of course at 97 percent it is recoverable, but the way it spreads, its threatening power and inability to bed in hospitals requires personal awareness. It's up to us not to spread it a little!

We need to respond to ourselves first.

There is only one vaccine at the moment, and it is #normal.

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