The Files Authority responds to Ilir Meta: Insult is considered a criminal offense and is punishable by a fine

The Files Authority responds to Ilir Meta: Insult is considered a criminal

The Dossier Authority has responded to the Leader of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, after in a television interview he described them as "filth that has corrupted Edi Rama". In a public statement, the Authority said that insult is a criminal offense punishable by a fine.

Response of the Dossier Authority:

The Authority for Information on Former State Security Documents repeatedly notes, with regret, that the language used by Mr. Ilir Metaj in the media (Interview with journalist Sokol Balla on the show 'Top story', September 22, 2022) is offensive and violates the dignity of each of the members of the Authority.

It is the right of every individual to freely express his thoughts, but on the other hand, this freedom of expression is limited by ethics in order to protect the morals and dignity of the persons against whom it is directed.

Insult against the morals and dignity of the person is provided as a criminal offense in the Criminal Code of the Republic of Albania, amended, article 119, paragraph 2, which provides that: 'And this offense, when it is committed universally, to the detriment of several persons more than once, constitutes a criminal misdemeanor and is punishable by a fine from fifty thousand to three million lek."

The authority regrets that offensive and unethical expressions come from former officials in the highest state functions and aim to intimidate the collegial body during the implementation of the task of informing the public with documents of the former State Security.

The law enforcement institutions, including the institutions where the criminal complaint against the members of the Authority has been filed, should be allowed to perform their duties in this regard.

The authority is open for cooperation with any subject and all interested parties, as well as guarantees the public for carrying out its activity with integrity, legality and effectiveness, outside the political influence, for information on the documents of the former State Security, through a process democratic and transparent, the protection of the personality of the individual, as well as the unity of national reconciliation.