Conference League / Gledis Nano clarifies the measures to be taken on 25 May

Conference League / Gledis Nano clarifies the measures to be taken on 25 May
The Director of the State Police, Gledis Nano in a statement to the media has clarified the measures that will be taken on May 25 for the final of the Conference League, which takes place in the capital, between Rome and Feyenoord Rotterdam.

Nano said that on Wednesday there will be no curfew in Tirana, but only the blocking of some roads.

"These days it has been said that on May 25 there will be a curfew. I want to inform and ask for the understanding of the citizens that the 25th will be a holiday. Do not spread panic about coups. There will definitely be roadblocks. Tirana will be blocked for those who want to come to Tirana.

I suggest you not to come to Tirana, who is going to come that day. It will be an activity with very large masses. Police have suggested and will block roads. We will have further communications on which roads will be blocked. The measures taken so far are the measures that have divided the two fans since their arrival. As well as the functions that will be in Tirana, measures have been taken not to allow the two fans to create clashes ”.

"It is true that fans have ultras or fans with violent and hooligan tendencies, but this is a holiday and should be a promotion of the values ??of European citizens. We will never allow a small minority of fans to spoil the image of our country under the influence of alcohol or adrenaline caused by sports. We are in cooperation with foreign authorities in order to identify these persons and the measures will be professional so that these acts do not happen ", said Nano.