'Thank you from the heart', the message that some Albanians left on the windshield of the car of the tourist from Serbia

'Thank you from the heart', the message that some Albanians left on

Minister Mirela Kumbaro together with her counterpart Tatjana Mati? participated in the conference "New ideas for a new time" held in Belgrade. In the presentation of Albania, Kumbaro told the story of a citizen's vacation from Belgrade to Saranda, whose experience tells a lot about what foreign visitors find when they come on vacation to Albania.

'Thank you from the heart', the message that some Albanians left on

"A lady from Belgrade, a Serbian citizen, Marjana Raiç Deliç, who spent a week vacation with her family on the wonderful beaches of southern Albania, decided to share with her friends on social networks the gesture that she was not wrong when she chose Saranda, the city by the Ionian Sea. One of the most frequent questions they asked her, whether it is safe to go to Albania by car with Serbian license plates, she answered with a photo and a friendly message left in her car. On the glass, they had written "Thank you, Welcome" decorated by several hand-drawn hearts. In the post of the photo it was also written: "This year we are in Albania for the first time, we have been in Saranda for five days and we have not had the slightest concern. The sea is clean, even cleaner than in Greece. The beaches here in Saranda remind you of the Croatian coast. "Maybe there are good and bad people everywhere, but we met only good ones", was the story of the Serbian citizen, which the minister told in the conference panel to show that hospitality is the foundation of tourism in Albania. Kumbaro also said that there is a significant increase in tourists from Serbia, a sign that there is still a lot of potential in the cooperation between the two countries.

The Tourism Agency of Albania and Serbia, representatives of tour operators, tourist companies and interest groups from both countries participated in this conference. The topics of the conference "New ideas for a new time" were related to regional cooperation, the creation of joint tourism products, the connection of the public sector with the private sector in tourism and the preparation of qualified human resources.

During the official visit of Minister Mirela Kumbaro to Serbia, the gastronomy and tourism fair that will be held in September in Belgrade between Albania, Serbia and North Macedonia was coordinated as part of the memorandum signed in "Open Balkan".