Rama's speech at the UN, headline cyber attacks: What must be done to protect citizens

Rama's speech at the UN, headline cyber attacks: What must be done to

Prime Minister Rama is delivering his speech at the UN, in New York. It started with the war in Ukraine to then put the emphasis on cyber security and the attack that Albania suffered from Iran.

"I would like to ask the assembly to focus attention on another essential issue for the extraordinary impact on peace and security, which is cyber security. Nowadays, technology is an integral part of our lives. In Albania, 95% of services for citizens are provided online, saving time, energy and improving quality, being the best instruments to eliminate endemic corruption. Last year, Albania was the subject of an unprovoked cyber attack of a cyber attack. The entire government infrastructure came under a coordinated attack with the clear intention of destroying it and stealing data, creating chaos and inciting tensions in the country. A lengthy investigation has confirmed that the cyber-silm that wanted to paralyze a sovereign country,it was a sponsored aggression sponsored and orchestrated by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The government had no choice but to cut off diplomatic relations with Iran. We hope that this extreme measure will serve as a deterrent to anyone who sponsors such actions. We call on the United Nations and the Security Council to focus more seriously on cyber security and help states to create more resistance," said Rama.