The 3 children who killed their father in Durrës are left in prison, what they told the judge

The 3 children who killed their father in Durrës are left in prison, what

The court of Durrës has issued a security measure of arrest and imprisonment for Hygerta Meta, 19 years old, and her two brothers Hysen and Amarildo Meta, 25 and 22 years old, accused of murdering and hiding the body of their father Pëllumb Meta in Durrës.

Before the court, the eldest son of the family, who is accused by the police as the person who fired the gun at his father, denied the accusation.

"I did not commit the murder. Let the one who did it speak. I was present when the younger sister (Hygerta) shot the father. "The sister shot him because he argued many times with his father because he wanted to get engaged," said the 25-year-old.

It was the 19-year-old girl Hygerta Meta who, even before the black toga, returned to the initial version given to the police that she was the one who had killed her father, that he was forcing her to get engaged against her will.

"On Thursday, he told me he will kill me because I rejected the engagement for the second time. I knew when he came home from work, when he had lunch, and so I thought of killing him. He was lying down, I took the gun and he went, he looked at me and was not surprised when he saw me with a gun. He told me "get away from there" and I shot him. I was 2 meters away when I shot him. The gun was in the drawer in the bedroom. There were also tins years ago, but they have rusted. I regret it, but it is something that cannot be turned back", said the 19-year-old.

Meanwhile, the younger son of the family, 22-year-old Amarildo Meta, stated that he was not at home on the day of the incident.

He said that he did not have a relationship with his father because while he was in the apartment, the father was at work, while when the father rested, he was at work.

"I don't know anything at all. We had no contact with my father, because I was at home, he was at work, I was at work, he was at home. I was at work, I didn't see anything. I knew that father had conflicts with everyone in the family. Dad didn't listen to us about anything," said Amarildo Meta.