The countries of the Western Balkans will also be invited to the Prague summit

The countries of the Western Balkans will also be invited to the Prague summit

French President Emmanuel Macron's initiative to create a European Political Community is beginning to crystallize. The first meeting of this new community is expected to be in Prague, Czech Republic, which is the next president of the EU this semester. According to DW sources in Brussels, the next Czech presidency, in addition to the 27 EU members, has also invited 17 other non-EU countries to the informal summit. The invitations were sent on Thursday, 22.09.22 to the chancelleries of these countries, it was announced by an EU official in Brussels.

The President of the Council of the EU, Charles Michel, and the next president, the Czech Prime Minister, Petr Fiala, have invited, among others, the six countries of the Western Balkans: Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia. Invitations have also been sent to Ukraine, Turkey, Great Britain, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

In the informal meeting, peace and security, energy and climate, the economic situation and migration will be discussed. It is not planned to come out with any final statement, it is reported from Brussels. The meeting will take place in Prague, on October 6, a day before the informal EU summit (October 7). The EU aims to organize one or two such meetings per year. The purpose of these meetings is a better coordination with all the countries of the continent. There will also be bilateral meetings between the countries at the summit. The idea of ​​creating a European Political Community was brought up in May of this year by French President Emmanuel Macron, when France held the presidency of the European countries. Behind this initiative lies the desire to improve cooperation with those EU partner countries that cannot or do not want to immediately enter the EU,

Germany supports France's idea. However, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, in a speech held in August 2022 in Prague, emphasized that this project should in no way be understood as a project that replaces the enlargement of the EU.