Yanis Varoufakis' prediction for Albania and Greece: We will be like Hawaii (yes, not for the better)

Yanis Varoufakis' prediction for Albania and Greece: We will be like Hawaii

The atypical economist and politician, Yanis Varoufakis, spoke on Ditmir Bushati's podcast, "Public Square".

Both former ministers, both from the left, have joined in a conversation that raises many questions about the time in which we live and work.

Varoufakis comes up with shocking theses, about what we see every day, but we have not translated or analyzed. Both for leftists and liberals alike. For some things people hope it is already too late in the digital age, or what Varoufakis calls the techno-feudalism of the new world.

Wherever we click, on whatever platform we submit our data, there is no hope for that.

But how does this happen? (Go to the link )

"Artificial intelligence will bring new jobs, but it will mostly destroy jobs," says Varoufakis. If once Henry Ford, Coca-Cola or McDonald's became a great power thanks to advertising to people, inciting in society desires that they did not know they had, today it is completely different, with the car in front, technology and Apps. If then the process was one-way, now it is two-way.

Varoufakis says that Artificial Intelligence is a triumph of the human spirit. I love him so much, he says, but in the end he is pessimistic about the future and who will have ownership of it. Who?

This episode also talks about Albania and Greece.

Excerpted from the conversation:

Ditmir Bushati: I thought you would say that we are a bit like California or Silicon Valley...

Yanis Varoufakis: A little like Hawaii because we are a little like the natives of Hawaii. They are moving them more and more, they are moving them away from the coast, which is full of five-star hotels. Locals live in the center of the island, in slums. At six o'clock in the morning, the vans go to the villages, to their neighborhoods, pick them up and take them to five-star hotels, where Japanese, German, American tourists, in these hotels owned by Japanese, Americans and Germans, spend some time wonderful, and the locals go there to clean the bathrooms, cook food, sing local songs and play the guitar and then take them back to their slums. This is what is happening to the Balkans. This is what is happening to us, because there is no investment in artificial intelligence, there is no investment in green technology, there is no investment. And any artificial intelligence that is being used is being used to further deplete any quality jobs we have.

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