Educators meeting with the Minister of Education: We did not agree on the salary increase, in the October 5 protest

Educators meeting with the Minister of Education: We did not agree on the salary

Minister Evis Kushi held a meeting with the lecturers today, to negotiate about their demands for working conditions. After the meeting, the representatives of the lecturers announced that it was not agreed on the salary increase, although they added that some of the demands have been met.

They further warned that the protest will continue on October 5 and will be in the form of rallies.

The lecturers' statement after the meeting:

We agreed on a redesign of the hours. It was agreed that it will be analyzed in its entirety to establish a coefficient. We agreed in principle that lectures have a greater coefficient than seminars, both for the bachelor and the master. We are committed to the main requirements. Our demands are not exaggerated. Exaggeration comes from the wrong perception of the value of money. Every citizen has the right to ask for refunds in times of inflation.

Teachers' requirements:

-Salary increase for lecturers and support staff (not fulfilled)
-Increased funding for scientific research (not fulfilled)
-Restoration of salary supplements for 'Occupational health requirements' (not fulfilled)
-Increase of salary supplement for seniority at work (not completed)
-Increase in the payment of supplementary workload hours (will be reviewed)
-Revaluation of the teaching hour as there is a 50% discount of the payment of the teaching hour as a result of the non-differentiation of the teaching hour of the lecture. (to be reviewed)
-Revision of the 23% tax on the payment of additional cargo (to be reviewed)
- To suspend until 2026 the implementation of point c) of paragraph 3, of Chapter III of VKM No. 112, dated 23.2.2018, for the criteria for receiving the title "Professor". (will be reviewed)
- Make transparency on the budget and income of public universities. (agreed)

What did the Minister of Education, Evis Kushi, say after the meeting?

"We will continue the dialogue on salary policy not only with them, but also with university rectors and interest groups. We intend for this policy to be linked to the performance of the universities, in order to evaluate success and promote quality and competition", writes Kushi after the meeting.