Mevlan Shanaj: Why do we have to go to the bank twice a year to declare that we are alive, in order to receive the pension

Mevlan Shanaj: Why do we have to go to the bank twice a year to declare that we

Pensioners must appear twice a year at the bank to declare that they are alive. With an identity card, they appear at the customer service and say 'I have come for the declaration of being alive' and sign a document. If they do not show up, their pension is not transferred to the bank.

In an article on Facebook, actor Mevlan Shanaj talks about this procedure, which he calls absurd and insulting.

"10 minutes today in Pogradec! That's what the phone scored! A walk teaches you more than any evening program on Albanian television! Today, in a simple store, the salesman who was watching movies because there were no buyers, tells me that he only watches Albanian movies in the morning and in the evening! We grew up with those movies and we enjoy them! I pass on the other side of the street and there a man over 50 greets me by name even though I didn't know him! He tells me you have heard of Yahovaj, I tell him. He was pleased and opened the phone to read me something! In order not to offend him, I say: Don't bother, I'm not interested! As he tells me: You are not interested in remaining undead!…. I avoided the dialogue! He said to me: Wait, listen, professor, you are not a professor of God! Stay and listen! I ran away thinking, this hardworking man really had created the belief that he would remain immortal! I went into the next store to look for a sideboard drawer handle as it was damaged! Don't bother, we haven't sold this model for 7 years. You have to buy everything from scratch. Reluctantly, I did as the seller told me! At the meat shop, which is a good family business because I see the four family members employed. The husband, the wife, the eldest son who is the main one, and two other very young boys! (in my opinion, only one of these is from the family) With the boy who is the main one, we exchange conversations from time to time! Today he asked me if I have any work in hand or not? I tell him I'm making a documentary about Ricard! I noticed that he didn't understand and I asked him: Do you know who Rikard Ljarja is? By name yes, he told me! - Do you know Deda? - How come you don't know! Well, he is Rikardi! Next you can withdraw money from the ATM! I see that I did not have as much as I wanted to withdraw. I remembered that I did not go to the bank, I tell you that I am still alive! Pensioners must declare that they are alive twice a year! I don't understand this absurdity because in Albania, you can't be transported to that world without a municipal certificate! The bank can't look at the end of the month on the computer or the municipalities don't throw away the deregistrations!! This bureaucracy is very insulting! If not, tomorrow at the bank I will confirm that I am still alive, otherwise there will be no movement of money in ATMs! I hate the statement, but I still need these damn lek! To conclude, Lad Priest, when you told me that some of our medicines were reimbursed, why didn't you tell me that the reimbursement was made only within the city, regardless that they don't give you the prescription, but with a code and the pharmacy goes into the computer and finishes work, but in your city or in another city there is no internet connection?!!!! Have you seen or heard this law?! Hey legislators, actions on the Internet should not have such a small range of action! There are wonders in people's minds! I learned a lot today in 10 minutes!"