A 60-year-old woman is injured in the village of Garunjas in Lushnje, her brother recounts the incident

A 60-year-old woman is injured in the village of Garunjas in Lushnje, her

A 60-year-old woman was injured by gunshots this afternoon in the village of Garunjas in Lushnje. Bajame Senej was immediately sent to Lushnje hospital and is now out of danger.

According to the Police, the wounding of the woman is suspected to be revenge after a murder that happened 2 years ago. Everything started after a conflict between two Hasalla tribes 2 years ago, over a 2-hectare agricultural land.

Today, the Lushnje court sentenced Kastriot Hasalla, the brother of Bajama, who was injured, to 35 years in prison. He is accused of murdering his cousin Romeo Hasalla, 30 years old, on July 29, 2021. Kastriot Hasalla surrendered to the police two days after the incident in which Romeo's father, Shaipi, and his two brothers, Laerti and Emiljano, were also injured.

The media revealed the dynamics of the event as well as the testimony of the other brother of the injured, Afrim Hasalla.

"No one has taken the measures. Shaip Hasalla with the boys. Order. Two years ago they shot us, today they shot us again. They injured my sister. We were in court on this matter. We finished the trial and headed home, they ambushed us with guns. We didn't see them. I was with the lawyer from Tirana. Nephew behind, he was with his sister. I was in the front van. We heard gunshots. I told the lawyer, they are shooting my nephew, I think. Turn your head back, nephew quickly. He lowers the glass and tells me they are shooting at me," he says.