The project of the port of Durrës is presented

The project of the port of Durrës is presented
The project for the new port of Durrës was presented today during a meeting of Prime Minister Rama in his office with some Dutch designers. The work for which the goal is to be the gateway to the Western Balkans is being realized thanks to a joint work with Albanian partners. The old already depreciated infrastructure of the current port, which causes pollution and chaos in the environment, will be transformed thanks to the project into a model architecture. Through a film made by a Dutch studio, the designers unveiled the vision for the new port of Durres, a magnificent work, with an impact extending throughout the region.

"The port itself is just a port, but it should be considered as an element of a whole logistics chain, so here it is possible for you to create a gateway to the Western Balkans." - said the leader of the design team. Prime Minister Rama said that the goal was exactly the transformation of the old infrastructure into a model port as one of the pillars of Albania 2030 vision. capacities to expand, there was no connection, there was nothing. "While the new port has potential, has capacities and makes us the gateway to the entire Western Balkans," said the Prime Minister.

While for the design team, the progress of the project is promising.

"It is quite interesting because we started with this task only with the team and during the work we became very enthusiastic, regarding the profitability and opportunities of the project, so there is a growing enthusiasm within the team." - said the leader of the design team.