He has a job, he also finds professionals at the Metropolitan University

He has a job, he also finds professionals at the Metropolitan University

Thanks to the tradition of the Job and Career Fair at the Metropolitan University of Tirana, students do not have to wait until the end of their studies to integrate into the labor market.

Conceived from the beginning as a university focused on those professions that are missing from the labor market, UMT also guarantees the creation of bridges between the academic world and internships or employment opportunities for students.
During the fair, 45 companies and institutions offered bachelor or master students the opportunity to join them as a brand ambassador, intern, or full-time employee.

Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and IT, Prof. Dr. Ligor Nikolla, thanking all the participating companies, said that it is in the vision of UMT to employ students during the study period. This is thanks to the programs offered by computer science, engineering, architecture and economics.

He has a job, he also finds professionals at the Metropolitan University

"This cooperation is important for us as a university, because we create the possibility of teaching practices for our students, but also for our staff because by creating contacts with business we constantly update the curricula and knowledge that is passed on to students," said during his speech Professor Ligor Nikolla.

He said that the continuity of this annual event and the number of companies that are added, are the best proof that companies find in UMT students who fully respond to their requests.

Dy shembuj suksesi janë Alesia Dishi, studente e vitit të dytë të degës së arktitekturës që i është bashkuar si intern kompanisë “Impuls Architecture” si dhe alumni Endri Nasufi që ka përfituar mundësinë për të ndjekur studimet PhD në Gjermani nëpërmjet DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst).

Pjesëmarrës në këtë panair ishin kompani dhe institucione nga sektori bankar, sektori i telekomunikacionit, kompanitë e projektimit arkitektonik dhe ndërtimit, nga tregu i sigurimeve si edhe organizata ndërkombëtare si UNICEF dhe Eu For Innovation.

Continuing to work to strengthen its role in innovation and entrepreneurship, Tirana Metropolitan University encourages students to turn their ideas into startups and businesses by supporting their skills. UMT comes with a unique academic offer in the country, with bachelor, professional and master studies in computer science, civil engineering, architecture and economics.