Prime Minister Rama reacts to the closing of the Turkish school: The media was filled with conspiracy theories. The only reason was Godina

Prime Minister Rama reacts to the closing of the Turkish school: The media was

Is the Prime Minister saying that there will be no more closures of the Gulistan (Gülenit) Foundation schools in Albania? Maybe. In a reaction on Twitter, Prime Minister Edi Rama refutes the political reasons, talking about conspiracy theories, the connection of the closing of the Turkish school with a condition of Erdogan, requested several times in recent years.

The Prime Minister says that the reasons are only technical and related to the relocation of the building, which was done without respecting the law.

Prime Minister Rama has been in New York for several days. He is expected to give a speech at the UN tomorrow.

After every decision, another goal is sought from the truth and the public is bombarded with fake news and conspiracy theories! There is nothing of the sort, and no purpose other than the equal application of the law in the case of revoking a school license as before.

Selling the building where you have a school activity permit and opening the activity elsewhere, without obtaining the permit according to the law, without meeting the criteria and not meeting the legally required standards, is a violation for which the law provides for the revocation of the license.

Using children then to hide guilt against the law, parents and students themselves, playing the role of the victim of the government, when in fact you have been verified not once but twice in violation, shows a low conscience in relation to the high mission of a fire education.