Rama reacts after the arrest for mountain tea of ​​the Albanian painter in Britain: This situation is depressing

Rama reacts after the arrest for mountain tea of ​​the Albanian painter in

An incident that happened in Great Britain with the Albanian painter Agim Agaj, who was arrested only because of a misunderstanding after the officers confused the mountain tea with marijuana, has prompted the reaction of Prime Minister Edi Rama today. Through a post on 'Twitter', Rama demands that the British authorities take responsibility for this situation.

"I urge you to read it in full and thank the authors of that sad story, not only on behalf of Agim and the Albanians, but also to point out the difficulties faced by the brave people who have immigrated to this country big. Albania is fully committed to providing everything necessary for a successful fight against criminal networks. However, if Britain cannot show respect for the Albanian community with actions instead of words, how can we expect successful cooperation between our governments?", writes Rama.

The 53-year-old Albanian, Agim Agaj, a painter by profession, was held for 15 hours in the police after he was arrested by the British officers who found him in the car driving chaj mali and mistook him for marijuana. He was later released as there was no evidence.

Meanwhile, Rama has also raised a question about his counterpart Rishi Sunak, for whom he writes that he does not know how he would feel if such a situation happened to a British citizen in our country.

"We all know the answer, but what I'm not sure is how my friend Rishi Sunak would cope if a British citizen was arrested in Albania for carrying English tea and charged as a drug dealer! This situation is depressing and the persecutors of Dawn must be held accountable! Rama continues.