The Serbs boycott the elections, the Albanians remain in charge of the municipalities in the north of Kosovo

The Serbs boycott the elections, the Albanians remain in charge of the
The elections for the removal of the mayors of 4 municipalities in the north of Kosovo have failed since 50% plus 1 of the voters did not participate in this process. The cause was the mass boycott of Serbs, voting only, 253 of them, out of over 46 thousand with the right to vote.

Most polling stations opened at 07:00, except for some that were opened a few minutes late due to technical reasons, while no incidents were reported. However, the biggest anomaly on the day was the ridiculous turnout.

In Leposaviq, 124 voters or 0.91% of the total number voted, in Zubin Potok, 18 voters, or 0.26%, in Zveçan, no voters, while in North Mitrovica, 111 voters, or 0.59% of voters.

President Vjosa Osmani said that Kosovo gave the citizens of the northern municipalities the opportunity to remove the current mayors and elect new leaders, but they did not use it due to pressure from Belgrade.

"Once again, Serbia made illegal interference in an election process of another country. Once again, Vucic broke the word he had given to international partners", writes Osmani.
According to her, Kosovo showed prudence and fulfilled all the conditions required by the EU and now it should be the one to lift the measures against Kosovo, immediately.

All polling stations - 23 - closed at 19:00 on Sunday. This process was organized as Lista Serbe, the main party of Serbs in Kosovo, which enjoys the support of official Belgrade, has called for a boycott of the votes.