Online public services return to full normality in e-Albania

Online public services return to full normality in e-Albania

Online public services in e-Albania have returned to normal, after 4 weeks from the cyber attack. AKSHI announces that currently, 1224 out of 1225 online services provided on the e-Albania platform can be used by businesses and citizens as before.

The e-Albania platform is now accessible from outside the territory of the Republic of Albania and can be applied for 36 consular services.

The following services are fully operational:

- Proof of disability payment;

- Making water payments for UKT Tirana;

- Applications for construction permits (e-Permits), assessment of the impact on the environment and the use of water resources;

Meanwhile, the engineering staff is working to restore the last remaining service: the counting of diplomas and certificates issued by foreign institutions.

In order to continue the administrative procedures for the applications uploaded in the e-Permit system, in support of VKM No. 430, dated 11.7.2018 "On the creation of the state database for the electronic permit system (e-permit)", the Territory Development Agency (AZHT), in the capacity of the Technical Secretariat of the National Territory Council, in cooperation with The National Information Service Agency (AKSHI):

-offers legal and procedural assistance to Municipalities and institutions that have access to the e-Permit electronic system;

- prepares the relevant instruction on the basis of which all the actors involved in the process will operate, which is sent for review and approval to the National Council of the Territory.

AKSHI once again expresses its gratitude to all the employees of the team, who managed to recover, in a record time, public online services, as well as the special team of Microsoft for the help provided during all these days.