Shkëlzen Berisha after two hours in SPAK: I spoke about the Gërdeci case. But how can I know after 15 years?

Shkëlzen Berisha after two hours in SPAK: I spoke about the Gërdeci

After being interrogated for around two hours at SPAK, Shkëlzen Berisha spoke to the media saying that he was summoned for the Gërdeci case.

Shkëlzen Berisha says that the issue is the same as 15 years ago, she has no idea and that the communication with Mediu on the day of the explosion was family communication.
As for the fax published in the media, he stated that it is forged, as it is not his calligraphy.

"I am impressed by the fact that the same case 15 years ago they did not see my appeal as reasonable, today they think that I may have knowledge after 15 years. The prosecution must investigate who made that note. I have nothing to do with this matter. I think the prosecution should say whose calligraphy it is if it is not a forgery because it does not exist in the original fax.
I had family communication with Fatmir Mediu. I have also been asked about these and I have made it clear that I have no relationship because communicating with someone does not mean being a partner with them. In my opinion, the matter has been politicized", said Shkëlzen Berisha.

Asked by journalists if he is afraid, he answered: Not at all.

Fatmir Mediu, Minister of Defense at the time of the Gërdec explosion, in the factory where weapons were dismantled, was asked earlier by SPAK also about this issue.

The records revealed that Mediu and Shkëlzen Berisha communicated frequently by phone calls on the day of the tragedy.