How the Iranians got into our online systems

How the Iranians got into our online systems

The Iranian cyber attack on Albania, according to the Prosecutor's Office file, was aimed at destroying all online systems and data, turning Albania decades later into a technological wasteland.

From all the findings and indicators of this attack, it is concluded that the cyber aggression is a state attack by the Iranian government, specifically the Ministry of Intelligence and the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard.

According to the Prosecution, the "Proxy" technology was used for this attack. From the temporarily disconnected communications, it has become clear that Iranian IPs were hidden behind this attack.

To obtain data from the infrastructure, a "Cyper tool" created by the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence was used to hack "email".

Also used is the Zeroclear method, which is also linked to the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) where the source of the licenses is shared between various Iranian actors.

The prosecution states in its investigations that Albania's partners, such as Microsoft, the FBI, and CISA, have provided support and cooperated with the Albanian teams after the July 2022 attack.

The prosecutor's office requested today the security measure "House arrest" for 5 IT employees in the Department of Public Administration, who, according to the accusation, abused their duties, as they should have requested a report from the economic operator who was responsible for security on the administration site. .al and for antiviruses that were used to protect this site. But the Court has decided only "Compulsion to Appear" as a security measure for them.