Sunak: Our plan to curb illegal migration is yielding results

Sunak: Our plan to curb illegal migration is yielding results

The Prime Minister of Britain, Rishi Sunak, has declared that his plan to stop illegal migration is yielding results.

Speaking to the media in Britain's Dover, Sunak said the number of migrants trying to cross the English Channel in small boats had fallen by 20 percent since his government proposed the bill to curb illegal migration.

"The message I want to convey today is that our plan has begun to yield results. 5 months after I announced the plan, illegal crossings have dropped by 20 percent compared to a year ago," said Sunak.

Sunak also said that after the agreement with the Albanian government to stop illegal migration, in the last six months it has become possible to return 1,800 Albanian migrants, while the number of those trying to enter Britain by boat has dropped drastically.

"In December I reached an agreement with the Albanian government, because last year, almost a third of the migrants who entered Britain in small boats came from this safe country in Europe. In six months we have enabled the return of 1800 Albanian migrants. Previously, one in 5 asylum requests came from Albanian migrants, now the ratio is 1 to 50. And what are the results for this? So far this year, the number of Albanian migrants who arrived in small boats has dropped by almost 90 percent," he said.

Sunak called on the British parliament to pass the new bill to stop illegal migration, under which almost all asylum seekers who arrive illegally in Britain by small boats from the English Channel will be detained without bail before to return to their country.

Critics, including the United Nations Refugee Agency, have called the British government's legal package unenforceable, while there have also been accusations that it is in violation of international law.