The FIFA World Cup / Rama tournament receives the symbolic gift from FIFA

The FIFA World Cup / Rama tournament receives the symbolic gift from FIFA

The World Cup was presented today in Tirana, as part of the tradition tour in 51 countries around the world, on the eve of the start of the world football championship, which will be held in November in Qatar.

The event was also attended by the former world champion midfielder with Brazil, Gilberto Silva, who is the ambassador of the cup, which is estimated at about 20 million dollars.

Prime Minister Edi Rama present at the Ceremony received a symbolic gift from Fifa, a mini-world cup. The head of government has not spared even the jokes.

"They brought it according to the length. "This will be proudly held here in the museum and gifts in the office of the prime minister, this is the third Cup", said Rama.

The Prime Minister further said: “While I was talking to Erjon a little while ago. These are special days for the Albanian customs, because they have cleared two cups in a short period. They are one of those problems that we would like to have more in the future. I hope that as many football fans as possible have the opportunity to visit it. I urge the Guard to allow visitors, even if they will be in greater numbers. The cup will last only 5 hours, I wish that as many football lovers have the opportunity to visit today this open environment of the prime minister to see the cup, here is also Lorik Cana, I do not know who is the captain of the national team today and it is Lorik's responsibility, that those who come after are like deputy. "Captain. We are dealing with the cups of others, but maybe the day will come when we will win a cup as well".