Veliaj from Skënderbej square: We are living the best days

Veliaj from Skënderbej square: We are living the best days

From "Skënderbej" square, the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, congratulated all Albanians on the 111th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. He said that Albanians are living our best days, our nation has never been more prosperous, more prosperous, never more connected to each other than today.

"I thank from the bottom of my heart all those who have come from every corner of our lands. We have a little rain today, but it is blessed, it is prosperity. I wish everyone a happy flag holiday, happy Independence of Albania! Long live Albania! It is very important, that while we have ambitions to move forward, to look back a little, to realize how many roads we have traveled together, how many difficulties we have gone through together. To be inspired by a past that has really knocked us down often, but we have risen stronger stronger, more united, we have become better, we are connected to each other in an inextricable way", said Veliaj.

"Seven days before the declaration of independence, an Austrian journalist interviewed Ismail Qemali and asked him: 'Yes, this is a very poor country, this is a very uncivilized land, people have been oppressed by all kinds of invaders, I don't know if it can be this an independent country and can this new creature survive as a state'. Ismail Qemali replies: 'Should a tree be cut, which has not blossomed because it was not taken care of?'. This is the question of 111 years ago. And just like in our gardens, in our parks, where all those beautiful works that happen by the mayors of the municipalities flourish, the question is always: "Does our tree, our roots, our branches that are scattered everywhere lack care ?". I believe that the vision of Ismail Qemali is that a tree, this tree of our nation, which has its roots in these lands, will flourish if it is taken care of", underlined Veliaj.

From North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Ulcinj, Plava and Gucia and Arbëresh, Veliaj thanked in turn all those who joined the celebrations of November 28 in Albania today and invited them to join together to help the Albanian municipalities that have more support needed. Meanwhile, he emphasized that there should be more cooperation for joint projects between Albanian territories.

"I would really like to talk today about collaborations and have the opportunity to move on to twinning and joint projects. Our dream is that we all meet in the EU. And in order to go to the EU, we have an infinity of possibilities, we can apply for joint projects, invest in each other's schools, have exchanges of educators, teachers, especially those of the Albanian language, to make sure that in our universities tradition and culture are taught", he said.