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Who was Antonio Bellusci, the Father who perpetuated Arbëre culture

Who was Antonio Bellusci, the Father who perpetuated Arbëre culture

An outstanding, beloved, holy figure for Albanians left this world yesterday. Father Antonio Bellusci, at the age of 90, passed away as a result of the continuous struggle with an illness.

What he has done for Albania, for the people of Arbëresh, for the roots, they remain. Therefore, in his departure, we are bringing a reminder of the works he left behind.

Father Antoni was the son of a talented weaver and a shepherd from Calabria.

It was his desire for school, for knowledge that led his father to find a way to secure a place for his education. Contrary to what society might have expected, a shepherd's son became a shepherd.

Father Antoni entered the ecclesiastical career at the Pontifical Gregorian Seminary in Rome, where in 1958 he received his baccalaureate in philosophy and, in the same university, in 1962 he received his license in sacred theology. And he became the shepherd, but the spiritual shepherd of the people.

By reading his work, the magazines "Lidhja", "Shejzat", "Vatra nõna" Arbëresh and Arvanites learned about the Albanian language, clothing, settlements and ethnicity.

Father Antoni himself collected every detail, every word, everything, corner by corner of the Albanian lands and made sure to transmit and inherit it.

"I am connected to mother Albania by my matrony (himarjote), to the Arvanites by my patronymic, to the Arbëreshes my birthplace, while to Kosovo the idea of ​​the Albanian fraternal bond!" said Father Antonio, and this explains his mission.