The American Embassy warns its citizens: Escape from Russia immediately!

The American Embassy warns its citizens: Escape from Russia immediately!

The American Embassy in Moscow has warned all its citizens to leave Russia an hour before.

"American citizens should not travel to Russia, and those who reside in or have traveled to Russia should leave immediately while limited commercial travel opportunities exist," the embassy said.

The reason for the embassy's alarm is a speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is expected to declare Russian-occupied areas in eastern Ukraine on Friday as Russian state territory, following a so-called referendum. But the Kremlin tyrant is also expected to announce tough measures against foreigners in Russia.

"The risk is that Putin will close the country and foreigners will not come out for days or even weeks, because there will be no flights. And rescue operations from Western countries are difficult to imagine under the current conditions," a diplomat told BILD.

At the same time, according to BILD information, American companies are appealing to their employees in Russia, asking them to leave the country immediately, including non-American citizens.

According to them, visas can be canceled very quickly. Even BILD reporter Peter Tiede was not allowed to enter the country on Monday, despite having a valid visa.

Added to this is the fact that the mobilization also affects those with dual citizenship. This means the military can recruit them. At least 29 American basketball players from the Russian professional league may be affected.

Options for leaving the country by plane are currently 'extremely limited'. Many flights are already fully booked and prohibitively expensive because tens of thousands of Russians want to flee the country before mobilization.