Hermes bag captures the record price! Experts suggest it as a way to invest

Hermes bag captures the record price! Experts suggest it as a way to invest

It costs as much as a large mansion, but it's a bag. A bag that has the history of a model and its name Birkin.

The Hermes Himalaya Retourne Kelly 25 bag achieved a record price recently at an auction in Paris, where it sold for €352,800. The crocodile skin handbag in pearl white, reminiscent of a snowy mountain landscape, sold for almost three times its pre-sale estimate.

"This model is seen as a real long-term investment," said Morgane Halimi, global head of bags and accessories at Sotheby's. “It's also one of the hardest bags to get in an Hermes boutique,” ??she said.

Why is this bag the only one that doesn't lose value but multiplies at any time?

New studies in markets and stock exchanges show that the best option for a safe and long-term investment is to buy a Birkin bag from Hermes. "Baghunter", an online agency specializing in the sale and purchase of luxury bags, says that the Birkin bag from Hermes, over the last 35 years, has surpassed in price and stability many titles in the American stock market, even gold itself. "Baghunter" says that the annual profit from Hermes Birkin is about 14.2%, compared to the stock market and gold which fluctuate from -1.5%. up to 8.7%. The profit comes from the constant increase in price and value, relative to the age of the bag. This bag has staggering costs starting from $60,000 to $200,000 and is created in very limited numbers, with waiting lists of up to 6 years. Hermes Birkin a status symbol of the world's elite and the ultra-rich,