The center right in Italy breaks the silence, they talk, they post and they make predictions about the victory

The center right in Italy breaks the silence, they talk, they post and they make

Over 50 million Italians are voting today for the parliamentary elections. While the boxes have been opened since the morning and are expected to close an hour before midnight, for the center-right the electoral silence is almost a bygone term.

The three leaders in one way or another have used today not to call voters to vote, but for campaigning.

They talk and post videos, make predictions and appear confident of victory.

"The day of loss? It's not today." This is how Giorgia Meloni expressed herself in a video, while she is the only one of the leaders who has not yet voted but let her do it late in the evening.

Likewise, Salvini has declared that his party will be victorious, and he even said that he already has the next government in mind. "Tomorrow we move from words to concrete commitments. We have clear ideas," declared Matteo Salvini after the vote in Milan. "I also have the government team in mind," Salvini added after voting in a center in Milan.

The president of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi has extinguished even further by declaring that he will be the designer of the next government. "In general, there is a lack of leaders in the world. Salvini is good but he never worked", said the former prime minister after the vote in Milan, where he stayed with some Forza Italia voters for a short aperitif in the company of his partner Marta Fascina.

Voter participation recorded so far is 19.21%, a figure close to that of the 2018 elections.