Open debate in KS on price increase, Xhaçka: To act to stop them

Open debate in KS on price increase, Xhaçka: To act to stop them

The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhaçka, participated in the open debate in the UN Security Council, on the "Food Security Conflict and Hunger".

Minister Xhaçka said that the conflict remains the main driver leading to food insecurity, while underlining that Russian aggression against Ukraine is further aggravating this situation.

"The severe disruption of production, trade and rising global prices of fuel, food and energy as a result of the war are exacerbating existing inequalities in the affected regions, endangering food security, exacerbating existing humanitarian crises and pushing more people into poverty. ", Said Minister Xhaçka in her speech.

According to the Albanian chief diplomat, the treatment of food insecurity worldwide requires urgent and coordinated multilateral action, while emphasizing that the resolution of the Security Council which calls for action serves very well in this regard.

"We need to address the causes of crises that make food systems vulnerable and increase sustainability. There should be a coordinated multi-sectoral response, in order to reduce the risk of a future conflict. Actions through the UN system and international financial institutions should lead to investments in sustainable food systems and gender equality. Also, better and timely reporting is needed ", declared Minister Xhaçka.

The open debate, which was chaired by Secretary of State Blinken, reflects the special importance that the United States continues to attach to the issue of food security, especially in the wake of Russian aggression in Ukraine. Even last year, the US staged an open debate on the same topic.