Economics expert Dilaveri: Dealing salary with lifestyle, populist movement 'let's rush to the individual

Economics expert Dilaveri: Dealing salary with lifestyle, populist movement

Economy expert Flobens Dilaveri, in an interview for Erla Mëhilli, in Euroneës Albania analyzed the statement of Prime Minister Rama, two days ago, when he said that the salary of the citizens will be compared with the lifestyle.

Dilaver considers it a populist movement for which, according to him, there is neither a legal basis nor the capacity in human resources to carry it out.

"From 2013 that this government has come until today, how many times have you heard the word anti-informality? With the exception of the one in 2015 that received concrete results, that it reported every week, we have in no case a concrete result. .

We are referring to the recent movement that was propagandized with fury by the Prime Minister himself, which had to do with the correction of salaries, with the under-declaration of salaries, with the call made to businesses, with the work plan that was presented; tell me, do you know how many businesses have corrected the declaration? How many of them have entered the path of formality? Suddenly, after 5 months of this initiative, we come up with another move; that we are done business, let's rush to the individual. This is a populist movement, with much more political than economic result.
"Apart from the legal basis, the administration in numbers finds it impossible to deal with individuals," Dilaveri said.