A register with the 100 richest people in the country to face the lifestyle. The first 32 are being investigated

A register with the 100 richest people in the country to face the lifestyle. The

After the statement of Prime Minister Rama that the salary of the citizens will be faced with their lifestyle, the concrete work has started. The initial plan is to list the 100 richest people in the country and investigate their statements. According to the Deputy Minister of Finance, Vasilika Vjero, the first 32 have been identified and their investigation has started.

"The register with the richest people will be made. Identifying these individuals is a delicate and difficult process. Data coming from the Police, Directorate of Prevention and Money Laundering will be used. We have identified the sectors with high risk and the result is trade, construction, insurance, which are a new market and individuals lead a luxurious life ", said Vjero for Euronews Albania.

The Anti-Informality Unit has launched a property investigation for 32 individuals who turn out to spend more money than the income they declare.

"These 32 individuals are from the construction and insurance sectors. We have identified them and some have admitted that their salaries are high, but the companies have stated less. "After interviewing them, we have seen a change in the behavior of companies and a review of the salary that is declared", said Vjero.

She adds that citizens' denunciations for various cases are welcome, but that they will certainly be verified for their authenticity, before action is taken.

This initiative has stimulated the reaction not only of citizens through various comments on social networks, but also of economic experts. One of them, Flobens Dilaveri, describes populist movements with a political rather than an economic purpose.

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