Rama: Pensions will be increased by 5,000 ALL. We intend to bring the average salary to the level of 900 euros, the highest in the region

Rama: Pensions will be increased by 5,000 ALL. We intend to bring the average

Prime Minister Edi Rama himself appeared today at the usual conference of ministers after the meeting of the Government.

He has given some important news, especially for pensioners whom he said starting from next month, their pensions will increase by 5 thousand new lek.

Rama also spoke about a new salary increase plan for administration employees, where he emphasized the average salary, which the Prime Minister said is intended to reach 900 euros within 2 years, raising it to the highest level of average salaries in the region.

The Prime Minister's full statement after the Government meeting:

We had an important discussion on the analysis and project of the Ministry of Finance and Economy on salaries and I am very happy to convey to you all the conviction that we now have a very ambitious plan in hand, but at the same time also reasonable enough for an increase salary which aims to enable the rise in the span of these 2 years 2023 - 2024 to the high level of the region and actually aims to achieve a target of an average salary of 900 euros which means that we are in the conditions of a new opportunity, an opportunity that we will use to the maximum for the benefit of families, after the increase of the minimum wage we can go towards the increase of the average wage in two stages: We will have an increase now soon for a part and scaled,details that we will discuss after the act of approval that will come in the next 10-15 days and of course we will also publish the complete plan so that everyone knows what will follow.

We have said and we will stick to the promise of increasing the salary of doctors and nurses by 7% this year, while specialists have an increase of 50,000 new lek every month. After that, we will go to the next increase, which will be significant immediately next year. For other categories, we will have immediate growth within this year.

Second, today we are in the conditions where we can also tell the pensioners that we will keep the promise to distribute to them in the first place the extraordinary tax that we imposed on the big energy experts, but today we not only have the general promise but and concrete information that for pensioners there will be 5 thousand new lek that will go towards them together with the future pensions that they will receive next time.