The price of gas in Europe is rising

The price of gas in Europe is rising

Gas prices rose in Europe after Gazprom cut off supplies through Poland.

"A ban has been imposed on transactions and payments in favor of sanctioned persons, especially Gazprom, which means a ban on the use of a pipeline owned by EuRoPol Gaz to transport Russian gas through Poland," said a Gazprom representative. .

According to Dutch TTF Gas Futures prices rose by 16.6% to 109 euros / Mwh.

However, both values, for both Amsterdam and London, are far from the peaks of last March 7, with values ??in the early days of the conflict in Ukraine, when they reached 345 euros respectively.

This is the latest gas tension between Russia and Poland. Last month, Gazprom said it had completely cut off supplies to Poland's Polish gas company PGNiG and Bulgargaz after they refused to meet Moscow's request to pay in rubles rather than euros or dollars.