The price of oil rises again

The price of oil rises again

The Transparency Board has set new fuel prices. According to the new decision, the price for a liter of oil will be 265 ALL.

Meanwhile, the price of gasoline will be 241 ALL / liter and gas will be 86 ALL / liter.

The decision will take effect at 18:00.

The Transparency Board on June 17, 2022, in its next meeting decided:

Retail price of gasoline by-product of standard SSH EN 590 to be 265 ALL / liter, while wholesale price 253 ALL / liter.

The retail price of the gasoline by-product of the SSH EN standard should be 241 Lekë / liter, while the wholesale price should be 229 Lekë / liter.

The retail price of the gas by-product should be 86 Lekë / liter at retail and the wholesale price at 74 Lekë / liter for vehicles.

(Note: the selling price for liquefied petroleum gas will be the supply price at gas stations at gas stations, while at other points for household and industrial customers the price should not include excise).

The prices set by the Board will take effect today, June 17 at 18.00 pm and will be valid until the next meeting of the board where the changes in selling prices will be reflected.

We draw the attention of every operator of wholesale and retail sale of petroleum by-products on the obligation to implement this decision.

In case of violations found by various operators, the activity will be suspended.

We are in constant monitoring of the stock exchange performance, in order to react as quickly as possible