Albania helps Kosovo, regular electricity supply is restored

Albania helps Kosovo, regular electricity supply is restored

Today, Kosovo started electricity restrictions in order to save due to the price crisis that has affected the sector. But today, Albania has come to the aid of our compatriots, exporting energy to Prishtina and thus avoiding the several-hour power outages planned by the Government there.

The news was made public by the Ministry of Economy of Kosovo, which through a statement to the media says that thanks to the cooperation with Albania, specifically between KEK and KESH, it has been possible to avoid the programmed reductions and regular supply will continue with energy.

"Starting from the world situation with the energy crisis that has also affected the region, all the responsible institutions are working intensively and in coordination for the security of electricity supply. Thanks to this work and the cooperation between Kosovo and Albania, namely the Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK) and the Albanian Electricity Corporation (KESH), it has been possible to avoid reductions from 14:00 and to continue the regular supply of electricity", it is said. in notice.

According to this Ministry, Institutions will continue to make maximum efforts to maintain regular electricity supply during the coming days. Meanwhile, they call for energy saving.

These restrictions based on the previous plan were determined to be up to 2 hours per day for all consumers. The opposition in Pristina has strongly criticized the Kurti government after this decision, calling it a consequence of mismanagement.