Vehicle insurance / Problem drivers can pay more

Vehicle insurance / Problem drivers can pay more

The government has passed a law that came into force on July 1 and affects all individuals with motor vehicles, who have compulsory insurance.

The price of insurance is expected to change, as a draft regulation is under discussion which will require insurance companies to include in the price of insurance premium some other risk factors, where among others are the experience or age of vehicle drivers.

Based on these factors the insurance is expected to be higher for dangerous drivers and rewarding for those who have strictly adhered to the rules of the road.

Currently insurance companies at the premium price take into account only the age and motor power of the vehicle.

The draft regulation stipulates that the FSA can intervene if the new tariffs set by insurance companies seem unfair and do not follow the methodology set by law.

Factors expected to be included in insurance

-Age of the vehicle -Motor
-Registration circuit -Source of
energy (electric or not)
-Age of the insured
-Experience in driving the vehicle
-Bonus-Malus system