The 3 luckiest signs of the week

The 3 luckiest signs of the week


You have some interesting energies working in your favor. September 28th could be the moment of enlightenment you've always wanted. Whether it's about the professional side or your travel plans, there will be clarity and momentum. Single or in a relationship, there's never been a better time to explore your romantic desires and unique love language.


You have some work to do this week, but you shine when you're productive. You will be able to catch a neglected opportunity. Do you need to handle a professional matter? This will definitely help you move things forward, even if little by little. The best part? In the romantic field, everything will go as you wished.


If things feel tumultuous at the start of the week, it's more likely to do with a mindset that's no longer serving you. So the sooner you make peace with something, the sooner you'll enjoy future transits. You need more self-expression. Whether it's a blog, a media opportunity or a long overdue departure, it will help you gain the clarity you've been longing for.