4 zodiac signs that distort facts just to gain sympathy

4 zodiac signs that distort facts just to gain sympathy

It is believed that some people who want the sympathy of others do so because of deep-seated insecurities. So today, we are going to take a look at some of the darker trends of some signs. From Virgo to Scorpio, here are some zodiac signs that distort the facts just to gain the sympathy of their listeners.


Virgos consider themselves extremely good beings and hate feeling inefficient. If they will ever be unable to complete their tasks, they will lie completely to gain sympathy. Everything from white lies to blaming others, they defend their image at all costs.


Capricorns are gentle creatures in most cases, however they can not bear to err in a debate or confrontation. If they are afraid of losing, then they will distort the facts to their advantage only so as not to lose face in front of their loved ones. However, this is a bad habit that can get out of control.


Gemini are volatile creatures who like to be in the spotlight. . They like to be sympathetic, so that people can help them and spoil them.


You never know where you stand with a Scorpio because these beings are very distrustful of others. However, they have full confidence that their friends will easily believe their white lies whenever they tell them. Scorpios spend some time lying about past relationships, late colleagues and similar situations just to gain support.