Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer

Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer


During the week from February 26 to March 3, you will spend an important period for solving important problems or difficulties. Most likely, these will be things that cause you discomfort or tension in your workplace.

During this week you will have more contact with relatives, as well as more responsibilities related to them.

The development of events during the week will be very variable, sometimes situations will change within a day. Avoid the emotional stress associated with waiting for something bad to happen in your life.

It will be very important for you to avoid stress and not burden yourself with any specific expectations for the development of events.

Pleasant surprises during these seven days will come through various news and announcements.

Many will be satisfied with an important document or contract.

If you manage to get rid of negative emotions, at the end of the week you will realize that you have successfully passed a difficult but productive time for you.

Boys and girls will do well to listen to the words of an older man with whom they will have a conversation or joint actions related to school, university or work. A good influence on you will be a person who is your mentor, coach or teacher. Do not choose or discriminate in any way against people younger than you or children. Even if you do it jokingly, the consequences can be quite unpleasant.

Men will face some unexpected problems related to health, with things over which you have no control. Events or relationships related to unknown persons will require special attention. Avoid conflict or confrontation with them.

Women will feel the burden of new responsibilities that the year brings to them. You have a week of important decisions ahead, contacts with legal, judicial or administrative authorities. You will have an opportunity to gather or buy a gift for a girl or a young woman. Women over 35 will have the opportunity to start a new change in their lives.

The crab

During the week of February 26 to March 3, try to be realistic about the expectations you have for your job or business. Adapt to changes, tasks or everyday situations.

If you have an expectation for a new job, the probability of finding one during these seven days is very high.

Contacts with representatives of the government, banks, taxes or other institutions related to your actions and commitments in the past are possible.

During this week, be very careful in solving problems in the life of a close woman. She probably has a better idea to solve them and it would be nice to hear her words.

The week will surprise many with the sudden development of a love affair or the beginning of a new one that has not yet had its interesting development.

Unfortunately, this week will upset many of you with some unpleasant news related to someone you know or who is in your circle of relatives.

It would be good to use favorable trends during these seven days. It is not important who wins what, but to relieve yourself of the tension.

Boys and girls will rely heavily on their luck this week. You have an important appearance, presentation or meeting. You can get useful information, but be careful how you use it.

Men will be disappointed by the frivolous attitude of a friend or colleague in a situation. A slight failure or mistake can put you in an embarrassing position, something you will never forget. Problems in the family will have to be solved carefully, with the ability to communicate equally with all family members, regardless of their age.

Women will tend to worry easily, waste hours thinking about various arguments or unpleasant experiences. During this week, contact with a person who lives in another city or is a stranger will be important for you. Financially, you can have good income in the budget.