Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer

Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer


During the week from March 4 to 10, you will be involved in more family tasks and responsibilities, but despite the increased workload, they will be important for your home.

An invitation to a family gathering is possible, for which you will need to prepare a special gift.

During the week you will have much more dynamic and interesting relationships with relatives.

During the week try not to engage in financial relations with unknown persons, no matter what it is.

You will have a conversation with a relative, a friend or a like-minded person who will give you some interesting ideas or advice to improve your standard of living or lifestyle.

This week, friends will ask you to share with you a joyful event in their lives.

Many will make useful contacts with people from long distances, based on common interests, hobbies, work, tourism, etc.

During the week, do not allow tensions between you and a child or young person in the family. No matter what the situation is, there are a thousand ways to talk normally, friendly, or wisely about what happened.

Boys and girls will have a week full of events or unexpected meetings. You will find information on various matters important to you, you will harmonize some special relationships that have recently been subjected to some pressure or misunderstandings. A favorable week for communication or joint activities with classmates or colleagues. You can travel, but mostly it will be a short distance, to where you live.

Men will engage in various interesting projects important for the interior of the house, for the economy, for personal or professional comfort. You will have many things planned for this week and with good organization on your part, you will definitely be able to accomplish them. Conflicts will be about meaningless things. It's up to you how deep you go.

Women will try to do the best for their home and family. Not everyone will be tasked with many tasks, but you will easily find people who will be willing to help you. Many conversations, more topics and events to communicate with relatives or friends this week brings. Successes are knocking at your door.

The crab

During the week from March 4 to 10, your various interests will lead you to expect important news from afar, the purpose of which is to help you make important plans for your future.

This will be a favorable week for travel, but mostly short distances, or mostly in the place where you live.

During the week, you will make new interesting acquaintances.

This week you are likely to go through difficult times in love, especially if your current relationship is going through a period of crisis at the moment.

Doubts will make your relationship even more complicated to resolve with just a conversation.

Such relationships require not only conversations, but also concrete changes on the part of both partners.

The week will manage to surprise you with some important and interesting events that can have a beneficial effect on your personal or professional life.

Boys and girls will be surprised by any love at first sight, attempts at flirting or other romantic experiences. In fact, a large part of the romance of love lies precisely in the surprises that one or the other partner sometimes presents.

Men will return in one way or another to their old losses, mistakes or failures. You may have to rely on your bitter experience in a current situation. You may see an unpleasant dream related to your past or people you no longer want to meet in your life. During the week you will complete a task with the help of another person that will put you in a good mood.

Women will have a varied communication with close and distant friends, with whom they will discuss not only moments of their everyday life, but also events that happen in society, in the country where you live. There is a risk that you will make an unpleasant comment or that it will offend the other party. Some suspicious actions or attempts to talk by children or young people will require attention.