Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer

Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer


During the week there is a high probability of an unpleasant conflict with a person from your close environment, whose development is difficult to predict and may surprise you.

Try to be more tolerant and understanding of the words of the people around you and avoid words that you know can hurt your loved ones or friends.

During the week, many of you will be prone to reckless spending, which will create tension with the rest of the family, unless you live alone.

In general, the week will favor your love life and the development of your financial affairs, creating for many of you new opportunities for work, or to provide additional income.

Everything, of course, will depend on your ability to make the right decisions and act rationally, not driven by whims or benefits.

During the week, be careful which people you have real contact with, not only because of your physical contact with them, but also because of their negative influence on others with pessimistic comments.

Boys and girls will want to relive some things from their childhood, but the realities are unfortunately different now. You may need to interact or work with people younger than you. This week will favor traveling on different occasions and over different distances. You may be thinking or planning an upcoming trip with friends.

Men will feel from the first days of the week the importance and need to show a more serious and responsible behavior. This will be a time not only to complete tasks and commitments already started, but also to complete a phase in your life. There are things that should have long been in your past: memories, people, hopes or dreams. During this week it will help you to communicate with people who live at a distance from you.

Women will have to adapt to the nature of difficult people, strangers or people who you know have a negative attitude towards you. Difficulties in the family or with people from your circle of relatives will arise due to an unshakable character and stubbornness. This will be a favorable week for various actions important to your property interests and plans.

The crab

During the week of April 15 - 21 you will seek information or explanations regarding the actions of a person who tries to achieve something through lies, deception and manipulation. The disappointment you will experience will be great, but at the same time you will try to understand the motives of this person's actions.

During this week, you will follow with interest news related to an important family event, such as engagement, wedding, pregnancy or the birth of a child.

Some may find the courage to propose to their partner this week.

Every risky situation and decision is undesirable and their consequences are unpredictable.

Be careful in money matters with people who will want to earn or do something good for them, but not for you.

During the week it will be important to be careful and not allow conflicts in your home, which could have a very unpleasant development.

Boys and girls will encounter the difficult character of a relative, friend or classmate, which will give you a life lesson in knowing human nature. You will experience something that will make a strong impression on your life and that will most likely be related to someone in your circle of relatives. In many ways, this could be a breakthrough week for you, which will be determined by your ability to seize and take advantage of the chances that life gives you.

Men will have an interesting week because with more freedom and ease they will be able to move their ideas and plans for this time period. Your communication with people who have achieved real success in life can fill you with a new dose of optimism for your future. The week will be remembered for the rapid development of various important events, which in most cases will disturb your close people.

Women will have to change some things in their lives, such as the way of communication, the way of working or the plans for the near future. Those who are involved in a court or legal matter will be able to get support or help from a man. During the week, a more important matter will be discussed regarding a relative who may be your father, husband or son.