Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus

Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus


During the week you will be asked to approach more carefully the creation and development of new personal and professional contacts and acquaintances.

Be careful about the commitments and promises you make during these seven days, so you don't end up helping someone who misbehaves with other people.

During these seven days, you will probably plan a trip that will somehow affect a member of your family.

It is possible for you to make a trip to visit your child or relative who lives in another country.

During the week you will have contacts through which you will be able to complete a commitment or problem important to you.

The help of a woman will bring you many benefits.

During the week, a concern may arise regarding the health of a person you know.

Boys will have more duties and responsibilities in their family than girls of this zodiac sign. You will be required to show maturity in your actions. Sometimes an event in the family or in your circle of relatives will be the cause of a bad mood, sadness or a feeling of helplessness when faced with problems, the solution of which is entirely in the hands of the elderly.

Men will expect the fulfillment of a promise or agreement from someone who may be your relative, friend, colleague or business partner. Some of the important events during the week will be related to your relative who lives in another house. Those of you who feel oppressed or under the influence of a depressive state will have to make an important decision about how to get out of this state. It is neither healthy nor good for you for this to continue. In general, when making important decisions during the week, you will almost always be influenced by other people's opinion or assessment.

Women will have concerns about various events in the life of a loved one. It is possible that for some of you they will be connected with an accident, with getting into a dangerous or conflicting situation. Your family affairs will have a good development, despite difficult communication with family members. During this week you will need to deal with some important issue for your relatives, which will not be pleasant for you nor easy to accomplish. Whatever complicated situations you face this week, they will almost always end favorably, no matter how long it takes.


During the week, an unpleasant situation or conflict will change your ideas about different things in life. There are many chances that you will be disappointed by a specific person, someone who can be a relative, friend, acquaintance, representative of an institution.

During these seven days you will be able to free yourself from the fear or worries you have about your friends.

This will be a favorable week for harmonizing friendly relations with people with whom you have had some conflicts recently.

This week will favor their travels or planning for a more distant future.

You will enjoy communicating with people from far away who will enrich you with a lot of information and knowledge.

Boys and girls will need to give more serious attention to those problems or relationships that make them feel tense, insecure, or affect them in some other negative way. Don't underestimate physical or health ailments based on your young age. It will be very important during these seven days to find, manage to maintain harmony in your relationships with people who have a special place in your life. Any worry will affect you negatively, creating conditions for a bad mood or depressive state. If you manage to take advantage of these tips, you will be able to spend an interesting and even successful week for you.

Men will look for new methods to solve old problems. When working with documents, especially if they have any financial parameters, be very careful and do not let your work get confused. Some of the important events during the week will be related to money, receiving or giving it for different purposes.

Women will remember the week with an unpleasant news that brings change in their lives in one way or another. There will be a lot of turmoil in your life during these seven days and unexpected conversations or meetings will make things even more complicated. During the week you will think about words that you will hear from another person and that will affect the people you love. It can be advice, information, suggestion, even a rumor.