Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope

Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope


During the week you will experience a variety of emotions related to a child or a young person. On the contrary, your emotions will be negative, related to the problems in this person's life, to the complicated relationship between you, to the mistakes made by them and the consequences.

During this week, many will receive news related to pregnancy, the birth of a child, etc.

You will have conversations about love or the personal life of a girl or young woman who is experiencing some emotional moments in her life.

In general, the personal lives of the people around you will be an important topic in your conversations, as you will feel that you have enough life experience to give advice or help. However, these actions of yours may be perceived negatively and put you in a difficult or conflicting situation.

You have an important week ahead of you to develop your love life, whether it's about starting a new relationship or developing an existing one.

New activities, new conditions for performing your tasks, new clients or other changes will appear in your work.

During the week, avoid spreading information that you have read somewhere or that someone has shared with you. There is a good chance that this will turn out to be a fake news or a news that will insult someone who is innocent or who will feel betrayed by you.

Boys and girls will have to take their duties at school, university or work more seriously. You can succumb to a summer mood and the desire to relax in pleasant places of relaxation, but everything in its own time. The opportunities to achieve real success in your professional life are great and should not be missed. During this week, you may have to buy a gift for your classmate, or your colleague on his birthday or on another special occasion. The week could be memorable with the emergence of a new opportunity, or a fresh start in your education or career.

Men will have to return to previous tasks or problems, which will not only have a new development this week, but also in most cases will require their closure or final solution. Some losses or mistakes from your past will now be seen by you in a new way. A lot of attention and care will be required of you this week, especially when you are engaged in important tasks or are involved in some serious emotional situation.

Women will be able to reduce tension this week, take a brighter look at their future and find a new, better solution to an old problem. Communication with friends will be very useful for you during the week. During these seven days, at least once you will be supported by fate, in a situation where you will feel confused, unsure or undecided about what and how to do it. The week will favor travel as well as the development of personal or professional relationships with people from different destinations.


During the week you will have to wait and carefully monitor the development of events that will be important to you.

They may be related to your relatives or related to your workplace.

Most likely, your intuitive expectations about the development of these events will be true.

During the week, health problems or pre-planned medical examinations should not be neglected.

There is a possibility of concern regarding the health of a loved one.

You will not miss tensions in your daily life, but the wise and reasonable people among you will know how to avoid unnecessary conflicts and debates.

Don't try to change someone's mentality or worldview. Everyone walks his own path, following destiny.

Some of your most important commitments this week will be related to a child or a young person. You will be required to be patient to achieve what you set out to do.

In general, you have a week ahead in which you will have more clarity on matters important to your immediate future.

You will be able to solve important problems or misunderstandings, calm the tension in family or friendly relationships.

Boys and girls will end up in a situation where they will feel that they cannot control events and that someone else must take the 'reins of their lives'. In some cases, it may be your parents who will be the best option for you. Complicated or inconvenient situations are possible and involve expensive equipment. In general, this week will require you to be very careful.

Men will expect to receive money, talk about money or opportunities to increase their basic income. The probability that you have misjudged a certain situation is very high. Even if there are conversations on the subject, try to always have some kind of document or written confirmation of what you say or agree to. In any case, the week will not go unnoticed in your life and will find a way to leave a mark.

Women will easily be disturbed and influenced by the comments or information they receive from other people. The good thing is that these experiences will be short and in no case present any drama or trouble in your life.