Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio

Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio


During the week from March 4th to 10th, you will experience some more severe moments of tension, in which situations will often appear that provoke conflicts or unpleasant disagreements.

It is very important during these seven days to avoid such manifestations from the beginning, since the possibility of breaking friendly or other relations is very great.

The week will favor changes in your home to create comfort for family members.

A meeting at your home on a certain occasion is possible, which will engage you in a more serious preparation.

During the week you will find it easier to communicate with people older than you.

It is likely that many of you have a specific commitment to your parents or other elderly relatives. You can get some kind of benefit or help from them.

During this week, an unexpected stressful situation will arise, which will be related to an event for which you had radically different expectations.

During these seven days, try to keep calm, regardless of the situations you will experience.

Boys and girls born under this zodiac sign will be particularly subject to their desire to impose their will, which will undoubtedly create difficulties in their communication with parents, relatives or friends.

The thoughts in your head during the week will be related to making the most correct decision for your future.

Men will spend an interesting seven days in which they will be able to make real progress and serious successes in things that have a special meaning. You can achieve stronger positions in your work or business. There you can invest more ambition and energy for better performance, better realization of the tasks assigned to you. All this will bring you better financial income this week.

Women will have romantic expectations, a desire for emotional experiences with their current partner or simply to be liked by others, mainly because of their appearance. There is nothing wrong with this as everyone likes to see beautiful things around them. Some of your expectations for this week will be related to a conversation or a more serious engagement with a person who may be your relative, friend or colleague.


During the week of March 4 to 10, it will be difficult or tiring at times to keep up with your routine tasks and commitments.

Sometimes the reason for this can be a lack of understanding or cooperation from colleagues, supervisors or superiors. It is possible that during these seven days you will seriously think about changing your job.

If you have an interview for a new job this week, the probability that you will succeed is not high or the conditions that will be offered to you will not satisfy you.

During this week, you will have more expenses or difficulties will arise when working with financial documents or contracts.

Java does not predict losses of a similar nature, but it will require greater accuracy in your actions and a better distribution of your financial resources.

The week will be favorable for travel, especially if it has to do with another property you own. It is possible that some of you will commit to buying or selling such a property this very week.

During this week, avoid committing to major changes or repairs in your home, as you will have a more favorable time for this. Unexpected difficulties or obstacles may arise now to discourage you.

Boys and girls will spend an emotionally stormy week, in which impatience or the desire to achieve and realize your desire at any cost will make you uncomfortable to communicate with others. Manifestations of jealousy in your friendships can also create a serious problem for you. It is one thing to have certain expectations for this week and quite another to fulfill them, as circumstances will not always favor this. Some unexpected events during the week may scare or confuse you, depending on how stable and pragmatic you are about life.

Men will need to have a serious conversation with someone who may be a relative, friend or someone you work with. The seriousness of the conversation will be related to the sensitive topic that will affect you. A woman's intervention in such a situation can play a good role, but let's not rely on her alone. In general, the week will favor travel regardless of its purpose.

Women will find themselves spending more time with their friends during the week than with relatives or family members. Of course, there will be a specific reason for this, but you should still be careful about wasting time. During the week, you will receive an invitation from a guest, regarding a gathering or any other public, social event. You will experience a situation related to a close person or friend, which will leave you with a memory. Some of you will have to go somewhere or to someone urgently.