Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn


During the week, be careful how you commit to money or a promise that involves a child or someone from your family.

If your work involves children or young people, be careful in your professional or financial relationships.

During this week you will have the opportunity to talk openly about unpleasant problems in the family and if you do this you will easily find the best solution for them.

This will be a favorable week for the development of your family issues regardless of their nature, so use these positive trends to stabilize your family relationships.

During this week, you will enjoy a news or a document related to a person in your family, who is in the process of changes related to work or personal life.

The week will please many of you with an interesting offer or useful information for your future.

During the week, be careful in financial relations with friends and do not trust the information they will give you regarding various financial news, fears related to bank deposits and in general everything related to money.

Boys and girls will have to prepare for an important week in their lives, in which you will have the opportunity to make some changes, make serious decisions about your future or start something new, such as an engagement or connection. This is a week in which you will be able to take a much more decisive approach to the problems that until now have brought you serious worries, and it is time to put an end to them. Right now it is not important what you gain or what you lose, but to free yourself from a burden that is weighing you down. Health may present you with a problem, most likely it will be related to an illness that you have already experienced in your past.

Men will have more tasks related to property, which will require a certain amount of time to complete. You may show reluctance or lack of humor in such matters, but delaying them will not bring you any benefit.

Women will be very emotional and sentimental during these seven days, which will mainly focus on being liked, loved, having a partner by their side, if one is missing at the moment. Those of you who live together will focus much more on love and intimacy.


During the week, the development of the actions of a close person will be in your favor or interest. Unfortunately, over time it will turn out that such actions have brought you more harm than good.

Many of you will have to make changes in plans, as this will be a favorable week only for the realization of those that have perspective in your future.

Your unrealistic plans and ideas will definitely make you face obstacles or serious losses, including money.

In general, your plans this week will have an unexpected development, especially when related to unknown persons.

Your love life will be interesting, as you will be given more clarity about the development of the current relationship, regardless of the situation with it.

What is most important now is to be aware of what is achievable and what is not. Illusions or unrealistic dreams will not help you.

During this week, avoid plans related to travel.

During the week you will be affected by events in the life of a person who lives at a distance from you.

Boys and girls will spend a week with exams, presentations, assignments and other important commitments related to education or career. You have a busy week ahead, which will require you not only to plan your tasks well, but also to carry them out rigorously. You can easily be affected by emotions, especially when it comes to personal or professional relationships. In your love life you will experience short moments of tension, misunderstandings and confrontations.

Men are at risk of receiving a task or job that puts them in an unpleasant, embarrassing or degrading situation. During the week, your relationship with a child who may try to deceive you, lie about something or manipulate you, will require attention.

Women will spend a week in which various events will make them communicate more often with relatives, friends, colleagues or business partners. You can go somewhere to draft an important document, or at the invitation of a certain person, institution or organization. The week brings many interesting experiences for you, good luck with important moments for making decisions.